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  1. Great message. Loved the personal illustrations!

  2. Luke, you are a blessing. You know how deep my love is for you, and I respect and admire you for not just saying these things, but because I know that you are always desperately trying to peel away the “excuses” and “innovations” in order to get down to the most honest, authentic level of intimacy with Christ as you can. Even though you, like Paul, would never say that you “have arrived” at such a goal, it is the daily pursuit of Christ that shines clearly through your whole life, and I loved hearing you talk again. Hope to see you soon, my true brother in Christ.

  3. Great job Luke! I’m proud of you and your calling. But that part about zoning out….does that mean you used to zone out while I was teaching? 🙂

  4. Luke, I am blessed by hearing you! God is truly doing an awesome thing in your life and I enjoy gaining insight into the conversation between you and God. You encourage me in my walk as well. Thanks for being a great friend and thanks for allowing God to work in you and through you to reach others. Miss ya, bro!!

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